Larger phone sizes and web display

Hello, I’ve created my first website in Sparkle and all looking good on various devices, except larger phones. Both the portrait and landscape versions are great on my husbands iPhone 8, but look tiny on my iPhone 8plus and sons iPhone 11, with massive margins and text/images looking smaller than on husbands phone? Any clue why please? Thank you

You can’t please everyone :wink:

What are your settings for the different devices?
Check this please:
I have for my site set the PC and smartphone portrait and the two in between “automatic”.

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Hi @anniegronow, the smartphone layout in Sparkle is fixed at 320 pixels wide. This makes the margins slightly bigger on 6.1"/6.5" screen. The text might look comparatively smaller, but the physical DPI of the different iphones should be very close, so I think that’s probably an optical illusion.

You can extend beyond the margins using full-width elements, currently full width boxes (say with background images), galleries, video, maps. We will add more and improve how layout works in later Sparkle releases.


I did all sizes available as it wasn’t scaling down as I had wanted it to. Thank you

Thank you. Is there any way of doing a slightly larger size as it seems trends are bigger phones again? The portrait pad doesn’t seem to get picked upon this size phone (my very old iPad shows the desktop size anyway!?). Can you manually change the sizes? Just wondering as some folk use small iPads and there are a lot of bigger screen phones, so what size are they picking up? Many thanks.

No the device sizes are fixed.

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