Last week I discovered Sparkle

And I think, I love it already! I am half way in my 2 weeks trial of Sparkle Pro and love the easy way to build websites! I’m almost sure I will buy the app.
To study all possibilities I set up a test website of my choir. In the website I want to have a place ‘only for members’. Therefore I made a section named ‘LEDEN’ which is visible in the main menu.
All pages in section LEDEN, I provided with the password protection and a login page was created by itself. The menu item ‘LEDEN’ I linked to the first page of the member part: ‘ledeninfo’. It looked fine.
When I try the website with live preview, clicking the menu item ‘LEDEN’ will open page ‘ledeninfo’ without asking for password. Maybe this password issue does not work in localhost.
When after uploading to a server I click menu item ‘LEDEN’, the login page is opened but it is totally empty, without any login form… (see [] (
I varied several things in the password management. But maybe I don’t really understand how and what to fill in.

My wish is: all members can login to the restricted pages wit a simple username and password. (In my example: ‘vkk’ and ‘allegro’.)
Can somebody give me a tip or tips, what am I doing wrong?

Here are some screen shots of my issue.

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I think you have understood how it works perfectly, now sure why the login form isn’t appearing once published. It would be great if we could take a look at this. Can you email us the project file at (or if it’s too large)? Thanks.

Thanks Duncan for your help!

Also my login is working now… Once more thanks, Duncan!