Latest website migration from Adobe Muse to Sparkle

New Site in Sparkle:

Old Site in Muse:

Talking point:

As Muse quietly but surely fades into the past, many features reliant on third party plugins are failing. Raja Yoga Academy frequently updates their website, which was previously done in Adobe InBrowser Editing (IBE) - and in a very limited way, however even IBE has begun to fail as servers around the world continually update their security protocols.

Even when things were at their best with Adobe Muse (which was never btw) the bug reports and problems were frequent and painfully time consuming to resolve.

I gave the option of multiple platform, with a strong recommendation to go with Sparkle, being that the client is Mac-centric.

The migration (aka rebuilding the website) gave us the chance to give their site (and brand) a bit of a much-needed makeover. I’m very happy with the result btw.

Since shifting to Sparkle:

  • There has been zero downtime with the website
  • No update bugs
  • No publishing bugs
  • No complaints from my long term client and friend
  • My long term client and friend is still a long term client and friend. Whohoo.

Comment from the site owner;
“Wow, this is just what I wanted. Can I make another website with this, or just one?”

Answers: 1) We weren’t there yet. 2) Yes. if you have the right license".

  • Chris :slight_smile:

@Chris, Like always you never disappoint with your clean and functional Sparkle layouts! Kudos! :slight_smile:

Also loving the story behind it all, and like you Sparkle never disappoints and up time of a Sparkle website for my clients have been 99.9%+. Why would you ever do WordPress!!! :frowning:

And the site looks great on mobile as well! :slight_smile: