Layer function some suggestions

Some things that would be nice to see within the Layers:

expand the layers and a better visible structure, I mean the triangles, should be not in the same layer like the top level triangles, that’s a bit confusing in combination, that you can’t expand the names to see the full names of the layers. But anyway the layers are a big step forward :wink:

It would also be nice, that it’s possible to "switch on or off elements or a complete layer. That means if one element is switched of in the layer it’s not visible on any site, but should not replace the setting on the right side where you can show / hide an element from an Device.


After using the Layer Panel the ability to expand and collapse the Panel horizontally would be a big help. I use long descriptive layer names and to be able to expand when needed and collapse out of the way would enhance workflow. Great 1.0!

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here you can see also buttons to make an element visible or not for the whole site and not only per Device. Scaling and a 2nd row with Layers would be dope!
Due we all have oversized Screens nowadays … we have the space :wink:

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