Layer (unique) names

Quick question…Does a layer’s name need to be unique within a project file or just within a page?

If just within a page, I then can remove the “copy” suffix I see on some of the layer names I see across pages? (…as long as the name is unique within the page)

To my knowledge @DaverD it is within the page.
Overall it is unique to you as the Layer Names are not published or part of the html.

But I’m sure @duncan will say more on it…

Layer names are unique to its page. This “…copy” is only done while duplicating pages or elements, right? Layer names always help a lot to locate elements and its appearance in layers z-order. This also is fact when grouping elements or placing them in layout blocks. By naming layers there`s no misunderstanding, which element to choose.

Does this help?

Kind Regards,

Yes. Thank you @UweRausB.

I get anal when it comes to layer names. The time I put into naming the layers pays dividends down the road as my site evolves and grows.

I must admit, not to understand …

Let me say another way…

I get very detailed when it comes to naming layers. I want to know exactly what kind of object the layer is and what role it has relative to the other layers.

I find the time put to this provides me with time savings later as my site evolves and grows.