Layers List Organization is it possible?

Is it possible to alphabetize the list of layers with a quick click of a button? somewhere? somehow? Or do I just drag and drop them in the order I prefer?

I tested the drag and drop method with the Text Block Layers and I can move them in the list and they stay where they belong on the page. Love that.

I have a long list of layers and I thought it would be easier if they were in alphabetical or numerical order when I need to go in and make changes.

I have a template page that has 100 little place holders for paintings. I love how you can hi-lite one layer and it shows you were it is on your page. When slowly changing up 100 paintings it would be neat if the names were in order on the left.

Most likely drag and drop in the order your prefer @TheRita.

You can also reorganise the elements in your Layers Panel, or leave everything as is and rename your layers to reflect the order on the canvas.

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Thank you very much! I appreciate it.

I plan on renaming a few of the items in the Layers Panel so they are easier to remember later down the line. Today I know Group 150 is the box of stuff in the footer.

I would def rename items in the Layers Panel. I like to be highly organised! It takes time, but I have to do it!

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