Layers Problems

I have run into a problem which is really causing me some grief, particularly as my site is almost complete! Please help…

I have created a footer, set to show on all pages which consists of several elements:

  • a full page width coloured box
    Sitting on top of this are:
  • several text entry boxes for a form, and a send button
  • several images
  • google map

The top of the page has a header consisting of a full width white box overlaid with a couple of images (logo etc)and just below that a menu on top of a partially translucent full width box.

On the homepage, the layers on the footer are correct so that all elements of the footer show, but on scrolling remain below and do not obscure the menu. However on every other page, the just images on the footer overlay the menu (the other elements are fine).

Grouping the footer items on the homepage does not help, and bringing the menu and associated box to the front doesn’t help either. I am at a loss as to how to get all the pages playing nicely, short of correcting this on every single page individually. You can see this in the attached partial screenshot

I’d be very grateful for your advice to help get this resolved. Thank you Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 00.01.47

OK, problem solved. I’m posting the solution here just in case anyone else runs into the same issue…

I had to do this on every page in the site… The header section of the site consists of multiple elements: A couple of full width filled boxes, a menu, some images and some text. They are all grouped. I was trying to ensure the menu and the box upon which it sits is always the top layer, so that when scrolling the page, all other elements flow beneath it.

The mistake I made was that I was selecting only those 2 components (menu and the box on which it sits) and trying to set them to top layer.

What actually worked was selecting the whole group and setting it to top layer. But as I have said, I had to do this on every page individually, even though all the components are set to appear on every page - I would have thought a change on one page would perpetuate across all the pages??

I would uncheck SHOW ON ALL PAGES.
BE SURE it’s gone on other pages.
Fix it on homepage.
Then restore to all pages.
This has worked great for me.

Thanks Dave - a very good idea.
I did try that, but it didn’t work!