Layout across devices

Hi, I have ‘automatically scaled’ selected for the various devices listed but am unable to apply that to Wide Desktop PC’s. (it’s ghosted out(?)) My site looks fine on my iPhone and iPad but is narrow on my MacBook, even though it fills the screen in Preview. Can anyone help?

If I’ve understood the question correctly, Automatic scaling will simply scale your page content - it generates a page automatically based on the nearest layout. Selecting this option will, therefore, remove the ability to edit the page for that device layout. If you want to add the largest layout and make it editable(1200px) you should add it as a custom layout. You will then be able to select it and edit it.

My advice is forget about the Auto Scale! To me it’s like what most designers do on WordPress, they build for desktop and have the platform auto-create all the other breakpoints! :frowning: Then they don’t properly check it and the fonts and images on the mobile are far too small or the tablet layout is misaligned.

I build out the 1200 (wide desktop and laptop), 768 (tablet portrait and landscape), and 320 (mobile portrait and landscape) devices…

OK. That does not answer his original question.

I guess he only designed the 320 px page and wants to set all the others to automatic. That would raise the font size for the 1200 px layout to billboard size.

Therefore it is not available.

Mr. F.

Thanks, that kind of makes sense except that in preview it fills the screen and looks fine….

@Wallworx, Preview / Preview Features / “Current Device” (the one you have on the canvas) / “All Devices” (depending on browser width when Previewed).