Layout Blocks and Devices

I do know that. Would be nice to have it as a default setting on 8px any way. But that is just me!

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Drbernd, your comments are very interesting and relevant. I think this is exactly my concern with v4 layout blocks.
I built my V4 project by copying/pasting objects from a V3 project into layout blocks. And the behaviors when switching from one device to another are completely surreal and very frustrating!
Now I work with next to my Mac a small doll with the effigy of Duncan and I stick a needle in it five times a day ! :ghost:
Despite a lot of time and effort, I am still unable to solve this walking layout block problem.


Not aware of any further issue with layout blocks. Please email us any relevant description, list of steps, screenshots etc to reproduce the issue to so we can fix it.

Pins in the backside are starting to hurt, please stop :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ok Duncan,
as soon as the problem reproduces and that I can trace the sequence I send you the file with description

Sorry, just realised wrong thread. Put my question now here.