Layout Blocks - What is it?

Hi there,

does anyone have an example how the new Layout Blocks work, showing its benefit? I do not understand what this is and did not find any description.

Many thanks and happy day from sunny Munich, Carola

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Hi Carola.

The documentation in english is right here.

I have to figure out how to use this tool.
It is easy to make a layout block, but how to undo a block? For groups there is “group” and “ungroup” with a right click context menu.

Mr. F.

Thank you Mr_Fozzie :pray: I red the description and assume how it works, but not 100% sure. A movie that shows what this feature is doing would be great…

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@ Carola:
You can easily see how they appear and work by opening a new project using Sparkle’s Templates such as Balloon Travel. It is composed of several Layout Blocks. – AlexPark

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Great help flealife! Thank’s a lot. I’ll check this out :clap:

Hi Carola.

LayoutBlocks are a bit like groups: they hold elements together. But they also have properties that distinguish them from a group.

I have recorded a small MOV video (about 11 MB in size) that I can’t upload here, but only link to it.

It’s two simple layout blocks where I left the background of the wide box colored, for better illustration. You can make this one transparent, which makes more sense.

(1) Swap places. I push the bottom block up and they both swap places. Works the other way too.
(2) Push both at the same time. I just click the top block and press / hold the Command key. Then both are moved simultaneously.
(3) Enlarge block. I grab the upper block by the diamond and drag it down to enlarge it. The lower block is moved down accordingly.

This does not work with groups.

Video no longer online

Mr. F.


Mr_Fozzie, this is the coolest movie ever! So many thanks. This makes it absolutely clear to me :pray: :clinking_glasses: :clap:

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Thanks @Mr_Fozzie Great video. This option works extremely well for websites that change often particularly with event banners that are date sensitive. It’s a nice tool.

Thank’s. My pleasure.

There are certainly other interesting uses for Layout Blocks.

I can imagine that it will make it easier to convert a 960px layout (multiple columns) to a 320px layout (mostly single column).

Maybe other members here can be found to make a short clip (with MAC onboard tools) and make it available.

Mr. F.

the layout block serve as an structure holder more than anything. When you plan/design a website, you set up specific sections with specific stuff in it.

In other Sparkle versions, the only way to do that in a somewhat organized way was with group - meaning, you’d had to set up stuff in canvas then group them all.

Layout blocks serves as a magnetic group holder. You can try this to see it better: select a layout block, then go and add anything from the + while the layout block is selected - it will be placed within the layout block structure.

It’s a very nice organizational tool that helps a lot when designing for clients or when using prototypes before execution :slight_smile:


Thank you all for your helping hands. Another question: I added an example page [Example] where I put 4 boxes into a Layout-Blog. Fine on every layout without the portrait-layout with 768 pixel… Any idea how to design this?

Hi Carola.

I see 3 boxes. Am i missing something?

Layout Blocks are a bit like Las Vegas: what happens in the block, stays in the block.
The only thing i see is rearranging the boxes within the block. But i can not test the tablet portrait layout.

Mr. F.


Thank you Mr-Fozzi. I guess I just will re-arrange the boxes within the block in the tablet portrait.

Is there movie still available somewhere? I would like to view it too please.

I also don’t see any examples or movies. Thank you.

If you could post a link to the movie that would be awesome. Thank You.

+1000 haha
…count me in, seeing a tutorial in a movie would be totally helpful. There’s a ton of Sparkle info that would be easy to digest if a real-time example were posted.

Blocs has Eldar posting how-to’s for that app - we need a Sparkle expert who can do that too!! Wish I had the expertise/time…

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I would like to see the video too!

Any way to get it back? Upload to YouTube maybe?


No chance. Layout Blocks have undergone some changes / improvements in the meantime, so this little video is outdated anyway.

Mr. F.

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