Layoutblock, initially hidden, accordionstyle with another bug?

I found kind of a bug with the “Layoutblock, initially hidden, accordionstyle” in addition with an image and video grid below - I have set it up below a header image and above a gallery with different settings tried - either way the button opens up the layoutblock as accordion style one time, closes again but then does not show any content below the accordion. One can even not scroll down to see the footer, the scroll bar gets very very short and looks now as if there is only the accordion.

When I check for the next gallery page:

the accordion works as intended and expected, the images below that accordion styled layout block are just images with no special gallery styled layoutblocks.

I guess the image and video grid style is also kind of a layout block, right?
I assume this layoutblockstyles are kind of tricky to say the least?

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In the meantime I changed the accordion to just a normal visible text area below a button which does nothing on click but this also did not show up the gallery and video grid as expected - what it does on preview.
Now I also unchecked the checkbox: “Hide other layoutblocks” as well.
See what happens and be back soon.

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unchecking the checkbox: “Hide other layoutblocks” does help with the fact that now the gallery shows up after one time clicking the button for the accordion.
But still the gallery lightbox style only works on preview but not, once it is published.

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At the moment @UweRausB when you use “Hide other Layout Blocks” (as you have found out) it removes (renders invisible) the layout blocks on your page. So it is not a bug but a limitation for now.

I’m thinking this will get looked at once some of the big bugs have been squashed in Sparkle 5.

But kind of funny that I can watch the images but with no lightbox effect.
So, I got it to uncheck the “Hide all” box but cannot see why I cannot use the lightbox effect in the gallery. Knowing it is a layout block as well, but …

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The issue with the “new” Layout Blocks raises this question for me:

If you use them, must / should all elements between header and footer be organized in Layout Blocks to make it all work? Especially the unfolding of hidden Layout Blocks (accordion). After all, all elements below are moved.

For header and footer I would still go for groups, as they keep their position in the layout.

Here some things are unclear for me.

Mr. F. (usingV4.5.X)