Layouts for different devices

I am still a bit confused about setting up my page to look right on all devices. If I build the site on the 2nd device PCs, can I change all the others without effecting the original intent? And does the web site automatically use the appropriate layout that I set? I know this is simple but I am having certain problems. Thanks in advance
Les Hooper

Hi Les,
I feel your pain, believe me.
But after reading a suggestion here, I tried what they said: Start by building the 320 pixel mobile site first. Do not check the Desktop version box yet. At least 80% of all websites (probably more!) are viewed on phones nowadays, so that must be the first priority. I haven’t bothered with the other phone layout, since almost no one I know ever holds their phone sideways. Do you?

Once the mobile site is done, you can go into Sparkle’s settings and add the Desktop version.
Yes, there will be adjustments, but fewer of them IF you are a good scout and use consistent text styles to begin with in the mobile version. This will help a lot as you transition to the Desktop version.

You may need to reposition some graphics and fiddle with some text, but overall, you’ll be ahead of the game by starting with a Mobile layout.

See the Device Layouts palette and be sure to check all of the boxes in the bottom list of options.


Hello @Leshooper

Maybe some of the information in this thread will help you as well …

And yes, as @macmancape said, text styles are important and help with the workflow.

Hi, As the Devices Layout Palette says…
“Browsers pick the layout that best fits the window or device width”.
So…not your problem :slight_smile: …thankfully!

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