Leaving intel machine for a M1 issues

hello there,
I’m trying to move my sites from my old intel macbook pro to a M1.
everything runs perfectly but two tiny issues :
Typos: pop up warns me that some are missing.
even if I brought my fonts book to the new machine.

Password : I don’t remember creating one and can’t find any trace on the old machine.
trouble is 'm affraid I can’t publish on the M1.

is there a way to work around those issues ?

best regardz

Hi, I made the switch my self, regarding the fonts, you need to double check that they are installed in the Mac OS system and on Sparkle app it self. Some fonts may not work on M1 at all, and some may need an update to work (check with the font supplier/seller/provider)

For the password issue, there are two passwords, the first one related to your website host and definitely you will need to proceed with publishing.

Second password will be in sparkle app it self, go to master password in sparkle app settings and see if it is asking to set a password or to change the password.
Worst case is to reset the password in M1 - Double check before proceeding with reset password - and it will only delete the settings (which will include publishing information so make sure you have the right username and password for publishing)

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Thanx a lot for your enlightening reply, Theilluminance,
I reinstalled Sparkle, reinstalled the fonts prior to open the file (the site) and it worked rather fine.

regarding the password issue, there’s something I don’t get when I hit the “publish” button, it says “Fill in the password defined to protect sensitive data on this website”… since I don’t remember setting any, I’m kind of stuck here.

Solved !!!
I did set a password !
found it under my pillow tonite.

best regardz and thanks again for your help.

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