Lets show my 5 projects

Hey Sparkle-friends,

I would also like to show you my projects that I have created with Sparkle over the last 2 years.

https://ancenasan.de - Manufactory for dietary supplements (German)
https://ancenasan.es - Spanish version with ecwid-shop (Spanish)
https://toxfrei.de - Promosite for a Book (German)
http://betoxfree.nadiabeyer.com - English version for the book
https://kopiercenterdoehren.com - a local copyshop (German)

I admit: The interplay of colors and fonts is very difficult for me.

Suggestions for improvement are welcome :slight_smile:

Greetings and have a nice Christmas

PS: Special thanks to @Duncan for this wonderful tool


Great use of parallax views!


Da ist ein Künstler am Werk! Gratuliere das muss ich mir noch genauer anschauen.

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Wow deine Seiten sehen super aus und ist eine wahre Inspiration. Well done. :slight_smile:


You have been busy @AleXiell, well done! :slight_smile:

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Ganz lieben Dank für eure netten Worte :slight_smile:

Coming from sites mostly built with Wordpress, these site speeds are impressive. I purchased Sparkle a few months ago, but need to spend some time learning the ins and outs and put it to good use.

Good decision, SPARKLE is more secured than WordPress