Leveraging custom layer element names?

Do you change the default names given to layer elements?

If so, what is your strategy in a naming convention and what value do you gain by doing this?

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I’ve been wanting to know this too!

Yes I do change the default names…
This allows for a better description of my elements like instead of “Button 11”, because I have copied it 11 times, I relabel it calling it “Button Send Message”.

So by relabeling the element, it is easier to copy/paste the element somewhere else?

I am assuming there is no way presently to get an inventory of a site’s elements where one can then piece together potential future pages by copying/pasting the elements from the inventory.

I question the added value of this compared to an earlier @duncan comment regarding the creation of Sparkle “templates”. (Can Sparkle do this ...? - #2 by duncan). I found this quite helpful.

No that isn’t the aim, but of course the relabelling will follow to another page with “copy” on the end.

Yes I do that with some of the templates I have created at Flamin" Fig.
You can have a group as a page section containing 24 elements that span the 1200, 768, and 320 devices. You could copy that group to another project, but of course you would need to have activated the three breakpoints, aka devices, first.

Thank you @greenskin. This has me thinking how I can apply what you are saying.

information architecture work both when designing a external flow as with an internal flow.

Every layer have it’s name, group and wire frame position, so it easier to set it for different breakpoints and to fix it further down the road