License server issues

Any idea why it doesn’t accept my code and suggests I need to pay for upgrade? I have the Pro subscription.

I have the same issue. After updating to Sparkle 5, it no longer recognizes my license and treats me as a free license user. Please note that the upgrade to Sparkle 5 is paid for all users, but it is less expensive for those who have purchased the Sparkle 4 license.

So, even though I have paid a yearly subscription which should include all updates I now have to pay more?

No. It’s just a bug. Should be resolved soon.

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Sorry, no, if it’s a subscription, the upgrade is free.

I’m having the same issue - pro subscription but won’t accept my license code.

Apologies a minor server glitch in the upgrade process, fixed now.


Thank you! all seems good now :slight_smile:

All good now, thanks! The AI looks like fun :rofl:

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I wrote to support as well. Purchased a license, opened it, wotked as pro-license. Now stopped, asking for license: seems to be wrong, could not activate. What to do next?

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Sorry a small number of licenses were affected by the glitch, we’ll fix them one by one. If you are still having activation issues it’s best to email us details.


I alread ysent my license code, do you need more? Like the payment receipt?

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This is a public forum where many people are reading, I’m just replying in general.

Also moving this to a separate thread as the problem is now fixed (except for a handful of cases we’re working through).