Lightbox scaling restricted by navigation "x"

  • I am designing a home page using the Smartphone “Device” option.
  • I have placed one image on the page with a menu and a title.
  • The image is 1600 x 1336.
  • I designated the placed image as a Light-Box. “Zoom on click”, “Unlimited”
  • I turned “Action Overlay” OFF, for the Light Box Image.
    Upon preview on my smartphone, and using the “Current Device” setting, the home page operates as expected until I click the image and ROTATE my smartphone.
    The Image does NOT zoom full window but actually shrinks smaller with a white “X” in the upper right corner.
    I believe this small white navigation “x” is preventing the image scaling to full window size.
    Q: How do I disable the display of this navigation feature? REMEMBER, I HAVE ALREADY DISABLED “ACTION OVERLAY” so that is NOT the culprit!