Link Checker app?

Can anyone suggest an app that checks and verifies links on a large website?
My wife has an educational directory site for young children that list over 14,000 websites. The app she used to use no longer is compatible with current Mac OS… so she is stuck checking all those links by hand. I hope you can help so she can spend a little more time with me :slight_smile:

Any suggestions would be most welcome!
Oh, her site is: - feel free to share it with parents and teachers.
TIP: All of her links are set up by clicking on shells next to each site in the list.

Thanks in advance!
Dave on Cape Cod
PS - She has done that site for 15 years all in raw HTML. Bless her! Wonder if I can convert her to Sparkle?

perhaps you can find help here:

Best greetings

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Thanks very much, Horst! She is trying it now…has to learn how it works for her purposes.

I second that. I use Scrutiny 7 from the same company and it works quite well.

There are also several web-based options, some of them free to use for just a few pages, but then you pay a subscription for larger sites. The advantage of the web-based options is that they monitor web links for you and will let you know if something breaks.