Links don't work from folders

I am very new, so it’s possible I’m missing something. I have a home page with a menu made of links, they are set to show on all pages. I created some landing pages using the “Clean URL” approach so that a link in the menu points to regular page in a folder named index.html. That part works fine. What is broken is that none of the menu links in the folder index.html pages work.

For example I have a folder named “artists” with an index.html page in it. In the editor, that page shows all of the menu items that have “Show on all pages” checked. All of these links appear to be configured correctly in the editor. But when I preview the page nothing happens when I click these links.

Pages that are not in any folder work just fine, it is only pages that are in a folder that do not work. Is this something that is not supposed by the preview?

Hi @ccrayton, hard to say without a look at the project. Could you send it to Thanks.

The project is 191MB, is that a problem?

Try using
That’s a free utility for sending links to large files.
Super easy.
Go with the free version and skip the paid one they show you at first.
Been using it for years.

OPTION #2 is to use the Mac’s own MAIL DROP feature in MacMail. You may need to enable that in your Mail preferences. Works the same way. The recipient gets a link to download the file.

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How was this issue resolved, because I am experiencing it also.

What issue? Can you describe the problem?

I’ve since worked around it by changing my menu setup, but whenever I added an anchor location as a link for a menu button, and then changed that menu button to a folder with sub-links in a drop-down menu under it, the anchor location link to the main button no longer worked, even if I turned off visibility to the sub-links under it. I decided not to use sub-links anyway, but maybe if you have a drop down menu of sub-links it negates the need for the main button to have its own link?

In any case, I would think if you turned off visibility for the drop down links, the main button’s link should still work.

I think this is what you are referring to, from the menu documentation:

Sparkle doesn’t currently let you use a top level menu item as both a link and a submenu, this is because for compatibility with touch devices, where the concept of “mouse hover” doesn’t exist, a tap can either open a sub-menu or activate a link.

That said in Sparkle 3 we added popups, and the ability to open a popup either by hover or by click. If you construct a menu with buttons instead of with the stock menu system, you can achieve that.

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