Links not going to their correct destination, and text and images moving position during upload/refresh

Hi folks, I have a free educational and family site with hundreds of Irish language crosswords, which I add to every couple of days. Lsst nights upload has produced strange results, with one crossword grid and text all moving to on top of another on the same page ( and also that some links in the site don’t lead to their intended pages. Is there a solution, is my site getting to unwieldy? Is there a ‘cache’ of links I need to remove?


@Eoghan, I see the same but when I check your other breakpoints (aka “devices”) your tablet device looks good but not your mobile or desktop.

I would suggest you check all your devices on the Sparkle canvas, make your corrections and upload again. You should be good after that…

thanks @greenskin, I will try that this morning. Always learning something new, thanks again Eoghan

Hi Eoghan,

I too was working late last night and had similar problems. Check out my post here:

Perhaps this is a Safari 14 bug?


Thanks Steve

the problem was happening also in Chrome, I am working on rejigging the links now because to make matters worse when I went into the app again images and text had jumped all over the place, sitting layered on top of each other. Wonder is there a way of ‘locking/unlocking’ items to their position on the page during the layout stage before uploading? Anyway, back to work. Eoghan

Hi Eoghan,

Yes you can use the Lock feature in the arrange tab. It is documented here:

The great thing about Sparkle is that it usually works perfectly but all software has bugs. It may not even be a Sparkle problem but something in MacOS that Sparkle uses.

Once or twice I’ve found Sparkle has apparently re-arranged things of its own accord. More likely, I’ve had something selected and brushed the track pad. The undo command has normally sorted this out. However, and this is only a guess, the Sparkle app or project file may have problems. Usually a restart of my MacBook fixes it. But, every so often I’ve taken to duplicating the project, usually before making significant changes (like adding a new crossword!) which seems to sort things out.

Hope you get your layout sorted! Steve.

If you resize the browser window you’ll see there’s some issue with how you are managing multiple devices.

I’d suggest reading and come back with any question.

I don’t know how you’ve set up the project, but it seems like you have multiple instances of text and images.