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I am doing a redesign of my blog site and have encountered unresponsive pages and for the life of me, I don’t understand the source of the issue as the observed behavior currently does not make any sense.

The Home page menu choices work. Subsequent landing pages from the Home page has non-working menu choices. By non-working, the mouse pointer never changes from an arrow to a hand - anywhere on the page. In addition and probably not surprising, the hover action associated with the menu does not execute, links within text boxes don’t link, data is unable to be entered, and buttons don’t execute what has been defined.

What would render subsequent pages to be unresponsive?


@DaverD, I know you have described the issue well but you are too vague in how you have set up your navigation? Have you done so manually or have you used Sparkles Menu widget with Auto-Add Pages ticked to on?

Unable to really help here, sorry…

Good point @FlaminFig.

The navigation regarding menus is Sparkle’s menu feature. The menus are static in that they are fixed. Top level only with each menu selection pointing to a page comprised of a manually managed text box containing of a handful of blog posts. Each of these landing pages from the menu is a manually managed index of blog posts pertaining to the topic associated with the menu selection.

In other words, the blog site has a Sparkle generated index page for all blogs. Each blog page has a manually managed tag or tags where the tags are just a standard set of buttons. Each tag placed on a blog page takes one to the corresponding manually managed index of blog posts pertaining to the topic associated with that tag.

Notice how the tags align with the menu selections.

Please note that I created this mechanism in version 3 before Sparkle had tags.

To get a better understanding, is the current version. While the UI is being changed, the concept of the tags and the manually managed blog indices are the same.


Thanks @DaverD I’m understanding better…

I went and had a look at your site and from my experience everything worked regarding your navigation to your tagged blog post making up a category of posts?
The 4 transitioning hero image I noticed refer to 4 of the categories but they weren’t linked.

Are you wanting to use the new Sparkle 4 post tagging system?
Something like what I have created here? - Blog - Index

Thank you @FlaminFig for looking further.

Yes, the ultimate goal would be to have a UI/nav like the one you provided. The issue I see in applying it to my content is…in a single word…exclusivity In the UI/nav you showed, I am assuming content is exclusive to a single tag (e.g. Support, Resources, Events, and Thoughts). With DecarbToday, a blog post can have multiple tags. So, relative to the UI you showed, a blog post can fall under each of Support, Resources, Events, and Thoughts. The exception to this is my Library content that do not have any tags. Library content is separate from the other content.

I don’t know (yet) how to adapt Sparkle 4’s tagging functionality to my content. I developed my way under Sparkle 3.

However, I am steering away from my redesign issue - unresponsive pages. While you see the current production version with, I’ve uploaded the redesigned version under This will provide insight into exactly what I was trying to describe with words.

In the end, you are giving me insight that leads me to question the direction of my redesign. Can Sparkle 4’s tagging functionality work for me? And if so, does it eliminate the issue I now face with unresponsive pages? And finally, assuming the unresponsive pages issue is resolved (without employing Sparkle 4’s tagging functionality) and Sparkle 4’s tagging functionality can work for me, what advantages does Sparkle 4’s tagging functionality provide me over what I already have in place? For example, would it allow me to get away from manually managing the multiple indices? Would it allow me to include the Library content so I have one pile of content?


p.s. Thanks for sharing the Tasmania Aware site. I do like its UI and can see how I can use it as a model for DecarbToday.

Fist thing first @DaverD
Checking the code you have all your navigation correctly completed.
The issue is you have a layer over the top of your active links not allowing them to work for you. Please refer to screenshot.

Make sure your navigation sits above all other elements / layers…

WOW! That was it! I am going through each page, selecting the menu, and then making it “Front” from the Arrange tab.

Pushing my luck, do you have any opinions on the questions I am now asking myself with my redesign?

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Very good @DaverD! :slight_smile:

You can assign more than one Blog Tag per blog post so you can go to down!
I’m off to bed but let me have a think on the other…