List functionality appears to be very buggy

The List checkbox leads to some really weird… results. I couldn’t figure out how to explain the chaos in words, so I took a screen recording. Where can I send this? Is there an official sparkle email address that’ll accept video files?

When you watch it, note the numerical values that appear in the Indent box. Also, note the instances where I want to move back in the hierarchy, but can’t… until the next line.

I also made a recording of issues with changing between ordered and unordered lists, including one inside the other; sometimes, when I try to place an unordered list inside an ordered one, all the lines become unordered. But other times it works fine.

The I usually upload the video to my YouTube channel, set publication level to private link and post the link in a forum or send by mail.

I just made a similar QT screen grab movie to send. But when I noticed the file size of 227mgs., I converted the QT video to an mp4 one, using this freeware from France:
Handbrake is super easy, just drag and drop and cut my video down to 3.5mgs from 227. Wow!
I often use Handbrake to speed up my uploads to YouTube and Vimeo. Plus, the mp4 format is better for those PC folks who don’t have Quicktime.

Hey @Dash, sorry about all the trouble. Feel free to send us the video using to – if it’s bugs we’re talking about there really isn’t any point in discussing them here, nothing anybody can do about it except us.