Live Preview over the internet?

Right now I can share a “Live Preview” of my work on a local network… Is there anyway to share a “Live Preview” of your work over the internet with your client?

You could open a port on your router and share the wan ip address with your friend.

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Indeed an important part of creating a website for a client.

For me I create a sub folder on the clients domain/hosting.
From there I share what I see in Sparkle with them via the remote URL.

There is nothing as automatic as the live preview. What you can do is what @FlaminFig mentions.

In practical terms:

  • publishing in Sparkle is not just for the final step of delivering the website, it’s also for publishing incomplete, draft/staging versions of the site
  • set up a publish location to some place “secret” (a web address you only share with the client, like or whatever)
  • publish there any time you need, and tell the client to refresh

As of Sparkle 4 another option is to put all pages under password protection, with only a minimal login page.

Another (possible) option is to create folder or a subdomain
on the webserver (yours/clients/hosting=provider)


and protected it with a username+password using:

 htaccess and htpasswd

That you can share/give to your customer to access
a preview of their site


This requires good expert knowledge, especially since the files are called .htaccess and .htpasswd. The dot at the beginning is important. Normal text editors like to add the extension .txt. Then nothing works. But the file can be renamed afterwards on the server.

The password must be entered encrypted. There are generators for this on the WWW.

Who is not familiar with it, should leave it, or watch a few tutorials on this subject.

Mr. F.

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Hi @Mr_Fozzie

I do agree with you, but… that said
I think some basic knowledge about the hosting service you’re using,
like how to get your files to it and how to manage them is imho essential
if you are managing your clients webpages / website.