Locking positions of images and text

Hi there, is it possible to lock the position of an image to move in alignment with text, so if there is any resizing in the text the image stays with their corresponding text.
Also, is there any shortcut to reflow text? I have a lot of text boxes within my site and it is very time consuming to resize all the text boxes for the different devices.
Thanks for your help

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It’s not currently possible to lock text to an image or video because images and video expand to the size of the browser window. Text stays the same size and position on the canvas giving the illusion it’s moving. The way to fix it is to adjust the aspect ratio of an image or video to match the destination browser window.

Your second question has two parts; text flow and text resizing. Currently Sparkle does not flow text between text boxes. As a designer I would LOVE to have this added. For text resizing you setup text styles for each device and then apply the style of choice per device.

Thanks! Maybe one day, there will be a feature to ease the flowing of text!
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