Log in to private pages

Hi all,

Is there a way to have a simple ‘log-in’ to a private area of a website. Or perhaps a widget that exists to do this!


Hi @scoutdesign, unfortunately it’s not currently possible.

For now the workaround would be to place the pages you want to password protect in a subfolder (using the folder setting in each page settings), and then use your web host’s feature to password protect that subfolder.

Please be so kind and explain how to generate a subfolder with a site that I can to protect with a password.
Many thanks, c.

The sub folder is created by Sparkle, when in the page settings instead of “at the top level” you set it to “in a folder”, and in the field below enter the folder name.

Next time you publish sparkle will create the folder with the name you chose.

How do you add additional pages to that sub-folder?

There’s no independent concept of a folder anywhere, you just set the same folder name for a different page.

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