Login on openingspage

I created a new website in Sparkle: real fun to do. Published it with Greengeeks but now the openingspage has a login !!

How come this happened ? How to get rid of it ??

Update. Greengeeks informs this: "I was able to reproduce the issue, this was being caused by the file index.php which was configured to redirect visitors to the login page gebruikerslogin.html.

I have disabled index.php, let us know if you’re still having trouble." Hence, how come when building a website in Sparkle there is a index.php redirecting to a login page ??? I was not made aware of that when building and finishing the website.

@MSzulc, Sparkle has a bit of PHP snippets running in the background to make things work like the Sparkle Blog Index for example. I’m thinking it is the case for login as well but not totally sure.

If you have locked certain pages down in Sparkle then a login page will automatically generate. Is this the case with you?

I’m sure @duncan will say more about it to help you further understand.

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As @FlamingFig suggested, you have probably protected your index page with a password. You can disable it in the page settings. If you don’t need this login function at all, you can then remove the login page (that we can see on your screen) present on Sparkle.

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I did not… It is an option for the index page but I did not activate it. How come it is doing that by itself ???

That is one of the biggest mysteries of Sparkle that I have never been able to solve :grin: Sometimes options are activated or deactivated without me touching them, and CMD Z doesn’t always fix the problem :sweat_smile:

If I can give you a piece of advice, remember to save regularly and use the “Revert to…” function (in the File menu) to go back to a previously saved version. However, I’m not certain of the translation of this function that ChatGPT gave me :smile:

So, did that solve your problem?

an app with big mysteries ?? That does not sound good…

It doesn’t happen every day either. I’ve been using Sparkle for over six years, and if I’m still using it today it’s because I’m satisfied with it :yum: There are more pros than cons :slight_smile: And besides, competing CMSs are not without bugs either.

Nah no big mysteries. There has been a bug or two in the past, but this is not it.

It’s most likely you enabled the “Protect with Password” option on the home page.

Re-loaded and all is fine now. Website is ready and open to see: what a pleasure it was to build it with Sparkle !!! See www.szulc.info