Login window is strange

Hello all, I have a problem with secure pages.
Suddenly on the login windows the blocks stay blank.
You also can’t see the characters when you enter the name and password. Does anyone know how that could come about? Both in Firefox and Safari the problem occurs. Example at Gebruikerslogin Ton de Vrind
Thanks in advance.


This information is not enough to solve the problem. It requires a deeper look into the project.

What happens during the page preview? If it looks like this there too, most likely something is wrong in the layout.

Did you insert the registration form provided by Sparkle, or did you tinker something yourself?

The best thing would be to send the project to support if you can rule out your own errors.

Mr. F.

It seems you have white text on a white background :rofl:

No offense! But that’s invisible - in deed.

Mr. F.

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Dear Mr Fozzie
Great, it worked out, thank you very much. Kind of stupid of me not to have thought of that. (The text was white)
kind regards