Looking for a CSS ninja to make a mobile version of a Sparkle site

Greetings from 303 Villas

Website address:

Made with Sparkle, displays well on desktop and iPad

Mobile version, however, requires complete restructuring

Current version of Sparkle does not provide viable solutions for scalable menus
Desktop sized menus are not displayed on mobile, even if non-automatic custom layouts are edited with the UX of Sparkle

Send a message to us in Telegram, let’s speak about options of how you will edit the CSS of the code to fit the menu and all items properly to display conveniently on mobile

Blissful Reveries

Hi @BlissfulReveries, welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

The things you mentioned regarding the menu is very doable in Sparkle.
I take it that the information part of your Sparkle website is an third-party embed?

Also there is no need to edit any CSS. This is all doable in Sparkle itself. Once you play with the CSS on the next Publish it will totally overwrite any introduced code. Although saying that CSS can be embedded into Sparkle but from what I see it ins’t necessary for what you have in place already.

Any menu that has more than 2 items in 320px resolution is abridged to 2 items with the standard Sparkle menu function. If you have 10 items in a menu, in a 320px mobile layout you will only see 2 items

Essentially, the automatic resizing methods have to be reorganized, because mobile versions of sites are not automatically resized in palatable formats

@FlaminFig we sent an email and Facebook message to you
Kindly respond, let’s make an agreement to do the adjustments with your support