Looking for guidance with forms & payments

This seems like this is a common enough scenario that someone else has already solved it.

I’m using the Snipcart interface to collect payment for program registrations I can get the info for the payment without any problem. The issue I have is that I need a way to collect registration info about the children being registered, and the payment form doesn’t have a place to collect additional data.

I’m guessing that I’ll have to make my first form. What do I need to know to work with a form? One issue I know that I’ll need guidance with … assuming that several people are filling out the registration form at the same time, and then they submit a credit card payment, how can I accurately tie the payment with the corresponding registration form?

I don’t have my Mac with me, so maybe this answer will be evident when I make the form tonight. But when I have a submit button on the form, is there an action already programmed into Sparkle that will send a copy of the form to the email address that I specify? And is the form delivered in PDF or some type of XML syntax?


Hi @chuckbo, there is actually no connection between payment buttons and forms at this time in Sparkle.

And that’s why I’m curious to find out how anyone else is using Sparkle to take orders or registrations. I know that Sparkle is missing that technical connection; what kind of workflows have others developed to work around the issue I describedL Or am I misunderstanding some basic feature?

What about my other question, please? Is there a way for a button to forward a form’s contents via email? Or will that require some server- side programming that I don’t have access to?

Snipcart works totally independent of Sparkle so what you want to do (if it is possible with Snipcart) is once payment is completed the client gets redirected to a Sparkle page with a Sparkle form on it. You can set up the form so you can easily cross-reference it with the client’s purchase history.

And to answer your last question, all Sparkle forms when completed moves across to a nominated email address… Set one up and experiment to see how it works! :slight_smile:

I usually use a ecommerce platform for those kind of stuff, not just a shopping cart like Snipcart.

Ecommerces platform usually have all the info you’d need at the checkout - complete registration, then you could go back to your orders page and see everyone that purchased and what not. I usually use Ecwid or Shopify which both integrate flawlessly with Sparkle

I’ve been playing with forms tonight, and your suggestions are terrific. I’ve created a form that I can use to collect the additional information after a payment. I haven’t found a way to specify to Snipcart a page to open after a successful purchase, so I may be stuck if I’m using my current setup.

I looked at Ecwid last year, and it didn’t seem like a good match. Now even less that I’ve been able to switch from PayPal to Stripe.