Looking for information on using Advanced Form Submission

I want to make a form for my website that contains several entry fields and a button. When the button is pressed, I want Sparkle to forward an email to me with the information in the fields.

It looks to me like this will use a button as an Advanced Form Submission. But the only information in the documentation about advanced form submission is a very brief paragraph. Can Sparkle do what I’m describing? If so, does anyone have a a description of the process or an example?

Why so complicated?

Use the “Email via web server” function. This is the sendmail module of the webserver. Only if this doesn’t work, you can switch to the other option. This requires you to enter special information (e.g. ports) of your webserver.

With the other send option you will not get a better result. The mail that is sent to you looks exactly the same. You cannot design this layout yourself.

Mr. F.

This is good.
I’d forgotten that the “email via web server” let me add more text fields to be sent.