Looking for Sparkle Design after 15 years with Joomla

Hello, after 15 years of working with joomla i will switch my pages to sparkle. i have absolutely no experience with sparkle. i decided to experiment with sparkle. but i would like to give my website www.oerie.de a new, attractive design.

so i’m looking for a design template. it should contain several pages and focus equally on images and text. Does anyone have a good hint ?

Hey @Friedrich, Welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

Wow 15 years at it. Sparkle will feel like a fresh breeze in comparison!
There are a couple of ways you can go about using a template… When you first open Sparkle 3 you’ll see a popup displaying starter templates you can use - a really good base to start from.

We also have a great web designer, Chris, that loves Sparkle and offers Sparkle templates over at his website www.sparkle-themes.com

Also a birdie told me there is another lover of Sparkle that is launching their Sparkle themed templates this month so you have options!..
Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Hello @Friedrich
I’d love to work with you on your requirement.
Please do let me know the best Time to discuss.
Best Regards,

Hello Friedrich :de:

I do not know anything about Joomla. Never used it. Before sparkle I worked with an ancient version of dreamweaver. What you might be looking for is “new page from template”. This does not work in sparkle.

But there is a workaround. Make a page you want to use as template and name it “template”. Exclude it from publishing. Don’t add it to menues.

Then you can simply copy this page and change its content and settings.

Mr. F.

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Thank you for your help.
The last few days i have tried to work with sparkle.
My website www.oerie.de contains a lot of information on a lot of single sites.
I need some „Inspiration“ for taking these content on my new Sparkle-Site.
What works better ?
All Information (for example „Geschichte(n)“) on a Single-Site ? Or creating multiple Sites with a lot of Sub-Menus ?

Any idea ?
The basic Design of my Site have not been changed for 20 years…



I am absolutely not a friend of these overlong and overcrowded pages. How about a folder structure and a few meaningful menus?

A new design would indeed do the website good.

Mr. F.

You are right.
I’ve experimented a little with sparkle. i will keep the old structure. there is really a lot of information on the pages. I hope that the program builds up the menus correctly.


Before I went to redesign my very old website, I inhaled everything I could find about sparkle. Especially the youtube videos from Duncan. Then I experimented and fiddled with the trial version as much as was possible.

Menus with Sparkle
Making a page responsive

It took me a while to figure out that you can create elements for only one device and then hide them for the devices on which they are not used.

I’m really no expert in webdesign, but I’m getting along quite well with Sparkle. Sometimes you have to keep things simple without thinking too complicated.

Good luck with the project!

Mr. F.

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