Looks like I am back

I am a version 2.x Sparkler and left Sparkle of “lagging features”, I thought.
I have realised the green on the other side is much greener and like the new feature of Sparkle 3.
Also I have realised lots of clients do not want a CMS system or don’t even know what it is.
Over the last 1 1/2 years? I have learned a lot, especially creating something what I have and not thinking what I don’t have.
Believe me, out there is lots of shiny Blinky stuff but there is always a small print or a price attached.
This time I really want to try to make Sparkle work for my business, clients dont want to spend the money for fancy when they only want to have a website and branding done.
Well lets get the show started then :slight_smile:

Bu the way, I am Michael around 40ish, German born and raised, living in South Australia - Adelaide.




Well welcome back @MiWe! :slight_smile:

CMS is overrated and for most part a waste of time as like you said, the clients can’t be bothered and doesn’t know the first thing in what and how a website works! My clients either have me do it for a fee or they purchase Sparkle and I show them how Sparkle doubles up as a CMS.

I have been able to create a lot of advanced sites with Sparkle, heck even my Flamin’ Fig is a showpiece!
As I have said many times before, Sparkle is like a box of lego blocks tossed onto the table… now see what you can build with it! :slight_smile:


Well said and agree with you. By the way your side looks awesome, keen to know more in regards how certain things can be achieved in Sparkle.

Good to see back to the community Michael. :smiley:
Im still surprised with the things that we can achieve on this software!
Can wait to see what you can achieve! :smiley:

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Hey @MiWe, and everybody else who feels like Michael, we absolutely want to make Sparkle work for people doing client work. Feel free to fill our ear: feedback@sparkleapp.com, maybe your top 5 most critical things. As you know we are a tiny team, and we probably have heard what you are going to ask already, but it helps prioritize.


I agree absolutely, in fact most of my clients do not want anything to do with CMS, because the make changes maybe once every two months, and then they call me, because the do not remember how do do…
But an export function for W-Press would be nice to for those clients who really want to do changes themselves.

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