Loss of FTP settings

Every time I download an update, I lose all of my upload settings. Very annoying.

@Mike, Strange! I haven’t had that happen to me at all.

Are you performing the updates via the app? or via the macOS shop?
I would reach out to @duncan on this one so he can give you a helping hand with this strange occurrence.

Hi @Mike, sorry about that. It is a very rare bug, that we have in fact never experienced ourselves.

This is the full scoop. Sparkle stores publishing settings in the system keychain. Most Mac applications have a digital signature, and it remains unchanged across updates. The signature originates from Apple, and can’t be forged. The unchanged signature is a form of trust, which allows the keychain to give a password to an updated version of the app.

On some Macs this doesn’t happen, the updated Sparkle does not get access to keychain entries created by the earlier version. In some cases you are prompted for a password, sometimes multiple times, when Sparkle opens a project file and attempts to access the keychain.

A workaround that has been suggested by an Apple Genius to a Sparkle customer is to open the Keychain Access app, lock the keychains (from the file menu), and unlock them again.

Beyond this we have no clue. We are clearly not intentionally deleting settings.

Please get in touch at feedback@sparkleapp.com for any additional discussion on this topic, we do want to resolve it, but it’s not really interesting for this forum.