Lottie files from Fable

Hello Duncan and all :slight_smile:

I’m new to Sparkle having come from a Muse backgound.
All good so far.

So, the question:
There is an interesting new browser based animation program called Fable

(note: attractive because at the moment it’s free)
It has, it says, an export option to a Lottie json file.

Can anyone else here confirm whether they have managed to get this working or not?
For me, even a simple “hello world” text does not show or render.

Many thanks, Euan

Sorry I’m not sure if the problem is with Fable itself, or if you mean that the Lottie files Fable produces don’t work with Sparkle. If it’s the latter please email us a sample Lottie file and we’ll take a look.

Hi Duncan,
Thanks for the prompt reply.
Further investigation would suggest that the problem is with the Fable export.

The simple files I built and exported do not open in: Lottie Editor

Once I can get them to open there, I’ll try again in Sparkle.

Many thanks, Euan

No conocía esta plataforma, Fable. Gracias!!

I hope it is of use.

However as yet I cannot get the Lottie.json export from Fable to work reliably.
As the Americans say YMMV :slight_smile:

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