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What’s the oldest version of Mac Os that the current version of Sparkle will work on?


@Chris, I think it is OS X 10.9, 64 bit processor (it says so on the Apple Store), but the man who would know is Duncan.

For me I have factored it as the oldest version that Sparkle will run on.
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According to the “Press Kit” on the Sparkle website:

Screenshot 2020-04-03 at 09.19.17

So it’s the same as on the Apple Store, just like @greenskin mentioned.

The earliest version is still 10.9.5, however it’s increasingly not possible to support some of the new features on 10.9.5. Additionally the underlying system is a bit slower in some things that end up slowing down Sparkle, but I’ll spare you the tech mumbo jumbo.

Here’s how I’d characterize the breakdown:

  • you can use 10.9.5 if you accept some performance issues and some features missing, though if you’re using it it’s probably because your hardware can’t be upgraded… this is sort of a last resort and we will keep supporting it if we possibly can, but it would be best to upgrade if you can
  • 10.10/10.11/10.12 are a progressive improvements, but…
  • 10.13 adds some significant performance gains in terms of display performance, we are actually maintaining two separate graphics engines, one for 10.12 and earlier, one for 10.13 and later; our native SVG rendering also only works on 10.3+
  • some features like continuity camera, portrait mask filtering and dark mode are obvisouly only available in 10.14

So the bottom line is: get at least 10.13 if you possibly can.


Hi y’all,

Thanks for the detailed info.

Built a site for a friend who I am encouraging to hurry up and get a copy of Sparkle, but just checking to see if his Mac is up to Spec. It is.

Impressed that is compatible so far back.

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