Made with sparkle 4.2 #3

I present you a page I did with the amazing SPARKLE:

it is for a firm which owns a lot of land in Samana Province, Dominican Republic


Well done @arteventura! :slight_smile: :clap:
Could I suggest to have a look at your footers.

true - in some cases with ^cmd F or dragging it was NOT posible to adjust the page lenght to the content for every device - I don’t know why

Maybe there are invisible objects downstairs?

Thank Selcuk, for the hint. But I do not have invisible elements there:

I thought the issue of pages length was fixed months ago?
I guess it’s still not resolved.

This is not the problem of page length. That’s fixed. What @arteventura is seeing here is seeing here is some hidden element preventing the page from getting shorter.

In this case it could be a popup, or an element hidden on this device.

Hi @arteventura, did you try pressing CMD-A to show any hidden element on your pages? Worth a try.


What a gorgeous website you have created! And a very good implementation of multiple languages, too!
I am jealous!

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thanks Duncan, thanks all,

this was exactly the point - THE INVISIBLE POP-UPS…
I did look for invisible elements by pressing CMD-A but there were no elements
but YES the pop-up windows were larger.

NOW I think, all is ok

thank you very much
Arteventura S.A.

thanks macmancape - you are welcome
soon I will present a new site for my own company

WOW! 4 languages, I am not able to do 2 and I have a big demand for bilingual site.
If you can provide some guidance for that, it will be very appreciated.

Or if Duncan can do a video on how to create a bilingual site, that will be great.
For now, I am buying two domains one in French and one in English and link them together to be able to design in 2 languages. :worried:

hey, just a tip - doing this you will split the traffic from the website to two separate domains. Ideally you would just make be the english one and (or if you have knowledge about subdomains) within the same domain. You can do this using Sparkle built-in features easily.

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Hi Frenchie,
as far as I know in sparkle, the best way to do bilingual sites is:

  1. finish one language and test it well in all devices…
  2. after that you simply copy the whole file and give a new name
    and usually the primary language will be directly on your domain and the secondary is like (as primo wrote)
    to TRANSLATE DIRECTLY in the SPARKLE-file I use the “DeepL”-App (free version)
  3. to interconnect the languages you need the menus
  4. in the settings you can define the language of the web and if there are others available

thats it

Thanks! I will try your way…