Made With Sparkle - Sparkle Themes!

Ok, here it goes… Beta release of my new baby, Sparkle Themes. Fully responsive mobile friendly website templates for Sparkle.

Sharing with the Sparkle community while I add the finishing touches and bug fixing.

This entire website is built with Sparkle, believe it or not!

This is the beta release so your feedback is welcome, you can submit your feedback here:



@Chris, Hey a big congratulations on your “new baby”! :slight_smile:

I like your style - minimalism, clean and well structured, so I’m sure you’ll do great with your Sparkle Templates! And I have to say you beat me to the line, but that is AOK because there will be room for two of us as Duncan & Team continue to evolve this great product!

And you did a fantastic build with your “”, and as you mentioned you wouldn’t think it could it be a Sparkle website… smashed it! - kudos! :slight_smile:

Hey Hedrick, thanks for the positive feedback.

It’s been a lot of work to get it to this point, however I ditched two other platforms for Sparkle simply because believe for most work it’s the better option.

The more the people supporting Sparkle the better I say.

Sparkle is understated in its power and ability and people need to know!

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@Chris, You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Like yourself I worked with a couple of platforms when I came across Sparkle and the rest is history. Initially I was concerned about the fixed-width breakpoint (Adobe Muse had it originally) but I think we have just overcomplicated the web and the fluid-width breakpoint isn’t that superior with all its issues, and the big corporate players are moving back to fixed-width breakpoints as they have far more control over what they serve to their users.

I know what you are saying about that “it’s been a lot of work…”! I have been converting all our clients across to Sparkle and the ones that are not for it I have given options - only one! And in that time, like you, I have been working on Flamin’ Fig which I have now 3/4 completed - I can see the light! :slight_smile:

There is a trend afoot as flat-file database CMS’s are becoming more and more popular! The scripted world of CMS has been exposed in how it is just a hack-heaven for hackers and the big players are now looking for something more secure… and that is where Sparkle is going to do great! Not for the corporate world so much but for the small business-world and entrepreneurs!

So like you, I’ll be pushing Sparkle in front of any one that wants a great secure website online! :slight_smile:
[And I love how we can wireframe/prototype with Sparkle which now takes hours instead of days!]

Very nice! Well done.

@Chris :+1::smile:

Great work, great website! Love your style.
Wish you lots of success with that “new baby”. :smile:

Like you (and @greenskin) I ditched other platforms, too many to mention, for Sparkle, and I will continue to promote Sparkle as well. Right now I’m staying with a good friend for a few days who wants to start her own business and her own website and I’ll show her Sparkle this week. A bit of an introductory course for her. I’m sure she will love the simplicity and the creative freedom of Sparkle.

Yes. Sparkle is understated. You can do so much. And you can do it fast.

Before the end of last year I had so much work to finish, two multimedia projects that involved countless hours of editing and arranging the soundtrack in Final Cut Pro.

Because of the two work-intensive projects, I had put a third project, a website, on the backburner for weeks.

Just before Christmas, on the day of the deadline, I actually only had about 4 hours left to make the first draft for the website and to present it to the client.

The website was already “built” in my head, so I only had to create the draft with Sparkle. And it was possible to do it in those 4 hours I had left. Amazing.

I believe it would not have been possible with other tools. And maybe that’s why I remained calm all the time, despite the pressure to finish it on time, because I always knew it could be done with Sparkle. :+1:

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Nice templates and good to know, that now the community is getting bigger and bigger and sometimes can get help for projects. I certainly will come back to you.