Mails no working

Can someone tell me, what I am doing wrong, but mails do not work. I guess it has something to with the URL in fact the name is
So the Thanks-Page is well installed under danke.php
But when I send mails it says always «File not found» and mails will not be forwarded.
Can someone give me a hint?
Thanks in advance.

You might check this out ->

It may be server-related; it’s them, not you.
Just last week, I ran into this when I created a mail form for a client.
The form would not work on her web host…so I tried uploading it to another one and bingo…it worked there.
So…chances are, it’s got something to do with the server’s version of PHP that is / isn’t compatible.
In case you want to try another server, the one that’s working for me is . They offer a very affordable 3 year hosting package for just $106 with a free domain name.
If you’d like to test out your form on my site, you can email it and the thank you.php page with it to me: -Dave

Hello Gene

I checked your website:

There are 2 buttons (called SENDEN) on your website with the contact form. I’m not sure, but that could be the problem. There should be only 1 button to send the form. 2 buttons could cause a conflict. They are both linked to danke.php

Added screenshot:

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How do I make that form???

Please go on YouTube and search for Sparkle and watch the videos how to do a website with Sparkle, also explains how to to do a form.

FOLLOW UP…When I saw his Sparkle doc, I noticed that he had checked the DO NOT PUBLISH box on the Kontact form page.
Once he unchecked it, all was well.
A good lesson for all users to keep in mind :slight_smile: