Make text blocks fit content

I have a question… Is there a way to make the frame of a text block fit to the content that I copy into it…
this means:
I have a piece of text that I want to add
I paste it into the app
Unfortunately the size of the box has to be manually adjusted to the content…

I this this function to stick other blocks (like images) to the text block to create a coherent layout… When 1 block touches the other, the green lines appears which helps. It would be great to get rid of the white space in the block…

Any idea?

Thanks, Mark

@Markantwerp, Welcome! :slight_smile:

The only way is to reduce the line height, but that isn’t a good idea. The default setting for the line hight is one. The more you reduce it the more the text line will sit cramp over the top of the rows of text below it, making it hard to read.

Also have a read of this -

@Markantwerp Although images have a ‘Fill’ to size of container option, there is not a text equivalent, so this is not possible, so it would have to be sized by hand etc.

Also why would you want to remove the whitespace? If you need the text to fit the text box width it is possible by using justified text. But I wouldn’t recommend this for your average website, it is used more in Magazine and News Paper style layouts etc.

If you mean the white space between the text and the image in the 2nd screenshot, to me it looks better with some whitespace - although I may have overdone it with allowing 12px of whitespace, maybe a little less would be better etc.


Thanks for your reply. It is probably not (yet) possible but I am creating a site which needs to be really precise…
As you can see the difference is minor… but 1 one image the lower part of ‘g’ of ‘governments’ tends to be blocked by the large rectangle… It would be great to have a pixel perfect frame for text… The red triangle is a good indicator to adjust but it takes a lot of precision work to get each text block ‘pixel perfect’ where te space between the lowest letters are equal in relation to the next block. In both cases showed, I resized the text box in a way that the red signal disappeared.

Anyway. I love to experiment with the software!

Hello @Markantwerp

You can have a “pixel perfect” text frame … or any other element in Sparkle, if you use “Position and Size” in the „Arrange“ tab. There you can enter the exact size of your text box, width and height as well as horizontal and vertical position.

Here’s the link to the documentation:

Screenshot 2020-06-27 at 00.15.35

Good luck with experimenting and have fun! :smile:

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