Marketplace for templates

I thought I suggested previously but can’t find any posts.

I’d love to see some sort of Template Marketplace implemented to be able to sell, or offer free, or request templates from designers. I think it would help out Sparkle tremendously.

@405media, For now Duncan has a page on his site along similar lines to what you are asking about. Check it out -

Ya I’ve seen that, its just way too limited… I’d like to see 1000’s of templates, be able to sell them, and request them etc a true marketplace… I’m sure it would do well… Duncan if you don’t have the desire to do such, let me know and with your blessing I’ll put together a page myself to do perhaps if people would be interested.

@405media, I’m not sure about 1000’s of templates I mean in the end any template purchased has possible permutations dependant on how keen the purchaser is. Then there is also the blog issue…

Like yourself, I see the potential in templates for the ones that are keen on a well laid-out and designed site (years of graphic & web design background) so I’m getting there in launching our take on Sparkle templates. I think it will be a hit and miss for a little while while potential clients warm up to it but I do think it will play a role in moving Sparkle forward in the long run! :slight_smile:

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