MarsEdit integration

MarsEdit is an Mac app that allows you to write blog articles and publish them to your blog. Currently the way to write blog articles in Sprakle is a bit cumbersome. Ideally you want to separate content from design. That is what an integration with MarsEdit would allow us.

According to MarsEdit it can connect to almost all blog platforms. However I couldn’t manage to get it working with Sparkle. If this is a technical limitation then I strongly suggest to make it happen (it would be a fantastic couple). If not, please explain to me how to make the integration work.

@maartenb, Seems a nifty application.

But as you know by now it won’t work with Sparkle and its baked-in blog.
You also need to be aware that Sparkle is a fixed-width design platform meaning the elements on the page are not “relative” to one another but “fixed”.

All the examples on the MarsEdit website refer to relative database back-ends and fluid width design where elements shift other elements around on the web page.

Like MarsEdit, Sparkle can also be worked on offline and behaves as a CMS on your localhost.
With a bit of practice I feel the blog works well but I’m sure that we will see further improvements to it! :slight_smile:

I haven’t looked into it if MardEdit can do this but from the Sparkle end you can place an Embed element where you can place code snippets and more. Maybe that could work?

Hi @maartenb, Sparkle does not have a server side engine running (security, performance, etc), so you can’t connect software like MarsEdit directly to the website.

I got it Duncan. Thanks for answering.

I am writing text for blog entries with a Markdown editor and then copy the text into Sparkle. It’s less magical, but sufficient for occasional posts.

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Would be an idea to have a seperate blog tool that can interact with Sparkle in the future.
It could write direct in the folder where the website is, or even integrate it in sparkle. Upsell possibilities. :wink:
Maybe be worth to look in to it.