Mastodon Verification (EDIT)

Hi there,

I’m looking for a way to be “certified” by Mastodon.
I’m supposed to add this link to my Mastodon page.
<a rel="me" href="">Mastodon</a>
Where should add this?

Thank you!

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Probably the best way to go about it @Papain is using an Embed widget.

Also keep the Embed widget as close to the top of your page and then you could also have the Embed widget show across all your pages by ticking Show On All Pages under Visibility.

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Hi FlaminPig,
Thank you, actually, it’s what I did.
But, as it was ugly, I “masqued” it with a box on the top of it :-))) (the idea is just to have the link somewhere in the code, no need to display it…
But… is there a way (beside using helm tag) to customise it?

What Mastodon wants is not a meta tag like other social networks, the ones Sparkle has in the verification tab. Those belong in the page <head> section, which is not normally editable in Sparkle.

What Mastodon wants is a regular link, except with the addition of a rel="me" attribute added on the link tag.

This can be interesting to support, but it’s not as straightforward as adding something in the verification section of the Sparkle site settings. We’ll figure it out.