Meet me at the Sparkle Website Builders live chat room

Hi all,

It’s Friday, and i am at my home office, i just started a live chat room
specially for Sparkle Website Builder app users, if you wanna meet/join
just follow the link below

Live chat link

It’s a free web online chat service, no email or registration required,
just join and use the following password: WeLoveSparkle-1400!

Hope to see you there!


If possible please be so kind and use your community handle (username) when joining.


You are totally out there @wolfferine! :slight_smile:
A fantastic idea!!!

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Thanks mate! you’re most welcome!

I’d pop in to say hello but I’m off to bed. Really love this idea though!!!

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Thanks @jazzbird, get some rest, you probably (i hope :slight_smile: ) you earned it!

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Signed in. Had to use Woodrow53. Woodrow already taken.
Terrific idea @wolfferine. Thanks.


Btw - have added you as member

Went there, registered with chrisMF, didn’t have to add anything (couldn’t), but nothing happened. Now, when I want to log in, first it says “Name already taken”, when I click on Already an account, I have to enter a password (which I never put …)
And if I click forgot log-in, it tells me that guest accounts cannot be restored (or something like that)
Probably I’m just too stupid. Can you help, please.

You have been added as member of the chat room

fyi - if you want to keep your MeetYou handle/username than it’s worth to register it at MeetYou

To everyone,

I am considering to start a Slack workspace for Sparkle,
please let me know if your interested.

Thanks wolfferine, but I still cannot log in without pw, which I never had to register with. And your WeLoveSparkle-1400! tells me that User + pw don’t match.
I tried to register @ MeetYou as you suggested - same problem. :confused:

i’d rather have a Discord than a Slack, you can have different rooms for audio and text, but then it could render this Community space less and less used.

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Mmmm, totally didn’t think about this… but a very valid point.

Thx @wolfferine I’m trying to log in again using Woodrow53 but the same password given initially does not work. Perhaps I’m missing something in protocol.

Ola Primo, espero que estas bem.

I think you have a point there Mattheus.
My reason for suggesting these was that sometimes you want to have a (quick) chat, instead of using a forum.