Mention your Sparkle website!

You’re welcome.
Your website must have been a lot of work!
It’s quite extensive, but very informative and I think very well presented. I can easily find my way around on the website. :+1:
So good luck with it.

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Hi! It’s very nice. The UX/UI is good: Clean and super easy surf the web . Congrats!

@shadowfax @jtorcid Thank you both. Yes, it took some time put together, but very rewarding, especially after receiving such lovely validation.

My thanks to @Duncan & team for making it possible :smiley:

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Terrific work. Clean and fresh UI.

Great pictures. Always gratifying to use ones who photos in a site. I’m retired as well and saving for a new Nikon camera. Well done.

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Thanks! I appreciate that.

Thanks @Woodrow
It took a bit of experimenting to get there; I wanted it to look professional but not corporate, as we are a family run business!

Ahhhhh, yes, I saw what you mean. Many thanks again. I have added a white border on the cookie policy pop-up to make it more visible but maybe I will have to improve it.
About the issue in the forms text, I will email Duncan on Monday as I tried everything but without success. I think it is a small technical problem on Sparkle.

Very nice site, clear, perfectly readable, also with a subtile touch of humor which is very helpful to relax people especially when they need dental healthcare. Maybe just the police of the submenus need to be a bit less bold or heavy, otherwise I find your site perfect!

Thanks @FenderShiba
Appreciate the positive feedback. Can you clarify your comment about sub menus please- I haven’t quite understood what you mean. Thanks

While waiting for Sparkle 3.0, I made such a page for my client in Sparkle 2.8

1 Like just the check boxes for the contact don’t work for me. So they work on the web, but I don’t know what he checked when the customer sends it. I won’t show anything in the email :frowning:

Congratulations. A very enjoyable site. :+1:
I like that “little detail” you added with the moving red line in the menu. Clever. :slightly_smiling_face:

Beautiful photography! :+1:

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Thank you
I just made up my mind.

It’s a very nice site - glad to see you made a mobile version.

The issue with the checkboxes may have something to do with checkbox labels. Although there is no information in the documentation about what each of the two labels do, I think the bottom of the two is the label that appears on the response email, whilst the top label is what gets displayed on the page.

I could be wrong, but got to be worth checking out.

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A small harbour in Denmark

THANK YOUUUUUUU its ready :-))))

Another Muse remake: Trance Form

I was very sad when I heard about Muse’s estimated death, but now I almost forgot it because Sparkle works even smoother. I tried every non-template editor there is, but only Sparkle sparks joy :-} Thank you for this app, clear documentation and your great support for newbies! I hope to work 25 years with it, like I did with PageMill-GoLive-Muse.

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Nice site. I like how you did the red line moving with menu selection (how did you do that???)
I tried do something similar but ended up abandoning as I couldn’t get it to work :frowning: