Mention your Sparkle website!

Thanks ! I’ve still got a lot to learn…

Finally my large website is done !!. Due to several crashes, had to use a round about way to publish the blogs, but seems to work. If you have any suggestions for improvements or notice any errors, please let me know. The website is [](https://

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Thanks to Duncan for the support in the initial age of beginners :slightly_smiling_face:
Here the result:
With some objects in the small / mobile version I got a problem with the sizes.
So I created two versions. (mobile / desktop) an on the non fitting device I hide all elements but show a text with a hint to the other version. (Mobile => Desktop | Desktop mobile). So I have full control. It’s a little bit more work to take care about the two versions, but for me it’s much easier not to have to take care about the different layouts in one project.

You can test it just in browser by changing the width of the browser window.


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Auch ich danke Duncan für die Unterstützung für Anfänger :smiley: wirklich super, auch wenn ich es noch nicht geschafft habe, dass es auf den Smartphone gut läuft …
Hier mein Einstieg bei Sparkle:

The site has to go under the menuline !

Danke für Deine Antwort :blush: Habe ich probiert, aber auf dem Smartphone wird im Shop noch immer alles überlappend angezeigt :sleepy:
Ich habe im Geräte Layout eingestellt “PC 960 pixel” personalisiert und alle anderen auf automatische Einstellung.

@Therapie, I would check your layers. Make sure your navigation layer is the very top one.

Das ist echt eine wunderbare Website!

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@FlaminFig wegen meiner Frage zu dem Logo in der Navigation, dass es dort bleibt und immer mit der Navigation angezeigt wird? Ich habe das Logo auf die Navigationsebene gemacht. Dann das Logo darunter, aber auch das brachte keinen Erfolg. In der Vorschau ist das Ergebnis gleich :pensive:

Aber mein größtes Problem ist die Anzeige des Shop im Smartphone … Ich glaube, ich kann momentan nicht mehr gut denken, saß zu lange am PC … wahrscheinlich ist es kinderleicht es einzustellen, nur sehe ich es nicht …

Hier wurde dir geantwortet:

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Excelente trabajo!!! Y no me refiero solo al sitio Sparkle, me refiero al contenido!!
Me ha gustado en especial el contenido de la sección "Improvisación!!
Magnifico!! Enhorabuena!!

Hi everyone. I converted from Apple iWeb last year, then made it responsive. Finally I created a whole new home page using many Sparkle features including Parallax Wide Box.

Really enjoying the tool now I am getting the hang of it.

Feel free to make any suggestions for improvements.


Nicely done. Love the way your parallax is in two peaces. At first did not get it. Really nice

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Nice job on Worthington Scott. Excellent.

My little site dedicated to musical instrument cables.

Congratulations, it has been really elegent and balanced. I like very much !!!

That’s what I made a page in SPARKLE today


As I am a beekeeper myself, your website looks very attractive.
Good job. Like it very much.

A great pleasure to finally be able to announce my brand new “refurbished” website: ( Made with Sparkle, published today after months of hard work. Recent Sparkle versions and updates helped a lot – e.g. layout blocks for quite uncomplicated text changes after feedback loops and nested pop-ups for cascading menus in the 320px device layout. Due to the amount of text and the related surprising behaviour, I had to decide to switch off auto-scale for smartphones.

German language version today, my next Sparkle project will be the English language version.

Any kind of feedback is welcome to improve effect, functionality and aesthetics of the website.

[I chose to use revive this topic to have a continuing and focused place for introducing the power of Sparkle]