Mention your Sparkle website!

@FlaminFig Thank you, Hendrik. It still amazes me that I am able to do such things thanks to the beauty of Sparkle and the helpfulness of you lovely fellow Sparklers out there.

Now let´s hope for good business in a peaceful future.

3 Likes now has working parallex but distorted in function from the ideal.


Here’s my desktop site. Still struggling with galleries and the mobile version:

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Just a personal site where I fiddle with pushing the boundaries.
Blogs are frequently deleted when they no longer serve.
Constructive comments?

Joe OLaughlin

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Beautiful website. I can see you have took good amount of energy and time on designing the image assets besides Sparkle. It would have been best if the APPLY FOR MISSIONS SCHOLARSHIP popup starts around the button so the users do not have to scroll up to start filling the form. The button also passes over the nav bar. Again beautifully customized for mobile devices too.

oops! Fixed! Thanks! That’s what I get for doing things late at night :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Good point! It’s adjusted

Very nice site. Like the way it flows, not that busy. Nice work.

Thanks! It is my first Sparkle effort. Learned alot, alot more to learn!

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Photography is my hobby. View my work at, created by Sparkle.

Really well done, grtz Ton

Last year, we designed a website for an audio company called Divo. We have already posted the page on this forum, but this year we’ve redesigned it with the launch of new products. This year we’ve taken animations on product pages to the next level. We have tried to push Sparkle to the limit and I think we have. Hope you like it, feel free to share your thoughts.

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