Mention your Sparkle website!

Beautiful site! How did you do the dividers (www, print…)?

Thank you for your comment. Dividers are just an image. This software is very powerful to build web design but you have to use other graphic software to complete the job…

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Thanks Ray, I kind of figured that! Looks good!

It’s a “lottie animation” I found on there are a lot of free animations ready to use :wink:

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Thanks Duncan for a great app.


What a very impressive homepage, a nice job. It just looks great. 10 stars out of 10. :nerd_face:

Thank you. That’s very kind of you.

From Adobe PageMill 1995 > Adobe Site Mill 1996 > GoLive CyberStudio 1997 > Adobe GoLive 1999 > Adobe Dreamweaver 2009 > Sparkle 2018+ (SA handcrafted fabric jewelry) (recreational gold mining resource)

Very cool! Thank you for your help!

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Great looking website. Well done

Here is my website for my pencil turning. :grinning:

Hello Ton1949, exactly the way I did, for every languae I made a site. Important seems to me, that you do the complete site (incl. all devices) and once you have it, you copy in one by one and start just to replace the text sections. Its really simple… If you need more information do not hesitate!


@macarna: real good! very well done!

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Thank you @RPX

@macarna, great work showing off the versatility of Sparkle! Could I make one suggestion, and that is if Google translated your website content correctly… I don’t think it is a good idea to be offering the Sparkle Free to potential clients with the Sparkle branding hidden by code you supply.

If Google Translate made an error in translation please totally ignore this!!!

Ahah, I forgot to remove that offer. I removed it now. (;

Thanks Sparkle


I just put up a site for connecting entrepreneurs who want to publish and artists who can illustrate their books. Our clients also often ask me about our publishing process, so I also wanted to walk them through that on the site.

The hard part was thinking through how to present the information. Sparkle made the implementation easy!

P.S. If you know any cartoonists/artists/illustrators who can do this sort of work, please direct them to the site! There are lots of people out there who want to hire them. During this quiet/weird period, I can imagine lots of people suddenly finding time for “back burner” projects like that book I kept meaning to do, and artists who could use that work.


Hi, yes thats right, a simple animation to liven things up. If you want animations for your site I could possibly help. Please see video section and homepage. Thak you.


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