Menu as pop-up as in

Hey everybody, is this menu at the official page made with only with Sparkle or do i need anything else?
Despite that, is it possible to put a logo or something else within this menu when it pops up?

Hi @nixda, if you mean, yes the popup is made in Sparkle.

More or less:

  • add a button that will open the popup, so with a hamburger-looking image perhaps
  • set the on click action to be “open popup”
  • create a new popup
  • set the popup to be fixed in window, with a vertical margin and using the canvas width
  • with the popup background selected, set the full page width checkbox (in the arrange inspector)

Now you have essentially the same structure of the popup menu on our site, it scrolls if the content doesn’t fit vertically and it can contain text, images, a menu element, anything you want.

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Great Support :clap:
Thanks for the quick support. Will Try it.