Menu Background Colour

I am really struggling to create the effect that I would like. I have a menu sitting in a partially translucent colour bar. The text is in white so that it shows against the background.

Because I have submenus, when the drop down from the menu is opened, the white text does not show on the image below. I would like only the dropdown to have a different colour background, but at the moment, it also shows on the main menu, even if I select the same translucent background as the colour bar.

Is it possible to make the dropdown part of a menu have a different colour to the main menu?

You can see here how it renders currently:

whereas, I would like to create something like this (ignore the blue bands):

Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 11.28.26

@Duncan Any advice on this please?

@vk2003, Have you tried applying a background fill to the drop downs?

I’m sure it’s a struggle, but I don’t visualize the issue. Can you provide a sample project maybe? And maybe use arrows to point what’s wrong and what you want to achieve? Sorry but the description isn’t enough for me.

Hi Duncan & Hendrick

I have managed to solve this. My menu is located in a full width colour box. What I was trying to achieve was that when mousing over the menu, the drop down with the submenu would have a coloured background, but the menu item in the colour box would remain unchanged.
Fortunately Sparkle does allow for this, by having the top level unfilled and mouseover also unfilled! I failed to select the latter option!