Menu close-button working not in every section

Hi all,
I have a site-wide menu.
My site has been subdivided in sections. The menu is triggered by a clickable button.
Opening works fine.
On some sections the menu close button is not working, on some it is.
In preview mode all close buttons are working.
Really strange!
Anyone the same problem?

Is that a popup or an actual menu? Sounds like it could be a bug, please email us the project file at

Hi Duncan,
It’s a popup not a regular dropdownmenu.
I emailed you the project.

Could it simply be a layers issue, where the close button on the popup isn’t far enough front to be clickable?

I already sent the project to Duncan.
Even when I put the home page on top level - not in any section - with a new popup-menu and the original close button on top, it doesn’t work. When I put the page together in a section with a page that doesn’t have this problem, it’s still not working. Now I deleted the page and the menu. The new page is working as wel as the menu.